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I would like to share a warm, heartfelt thank you for your assistance in a successful campaign. Thanks to your help and encouragement...                                                                                         

Donald Cole Responds

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Donald Cole speaking with citizen in St. Thomas Charlotte Amelie

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Virgin Islanders require a legislative body that is willing to make meaningful and effective changes. More...


Donald G. Cole was born to the proud parents Sylvia Cole and Gerald Lewis on the Island of Nevis, WI.

As a young child, Cole migrated to the United States Virgin Islands, where he settled on the Island of St. Thomas with his mother and step-father, Fred Williams, and his ten other siblings.

Educated in the Virgin Islands Public School System, Cole enrolled at the University of the Virgin Islands upon his graduation from Charlotte Amalie High School in 1977. Cole, subsequently, transferred to Kent State University where in 1982 he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Political Science.

During his summer vacations, Cole worked as an intern in the Office of the Legislative Legal Counsel during the Presidencies of the Honorable Elmo D. Roebuck in the 13th Legislature and the Honorable Ruby M. Rouss in the 14th Legislature. Upon his graduation from Kent State University, Cole returned to St. Thomas to work in the Legislature as a Legal Intern in the Office of Legal Counsel.



Legislature of the Virgin Islands
Positions Held:
  • Legislative Aide
  • Special Assistant to the President
  • Assistant to the Executive Director
  • Assistant Archivist
  • Official Time Keeper
  • Chief Researcher and Chief Archivist
  • Senator in the 23rd Legislature
  • Senator in the 24th Legislature
  • U.S. Virgin Islands and Caribbean History Teacher
  • Assistant Director of Libraries, Archives and Museums
  • Chairman of the Public Service Commission

V.I. Eagle

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